John Latimer, Cofounder


John graduated from Mechanical engineering at Dalhousie University and became interested in the environment through health and nutrition several years ago. He believes eating more plants and vegetables and less animal protein is the number one thing an individual can do for their health and for the environment. His major influences include the book How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger, and Project Drawdown; the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. 

Rajesh Hegde (Raj), Cofounder

Rajesh Hegde, Cofounder of NCSSS

Rajesh completed his MSc in Chemical Engineering from University of Alberta and worked in the oil and gas industry for 3 years. His visit to Sangatya (an almost self-sufficient farmhouse) in rural Karnataka, India inspired him to quit oil and gas industry and work towards the creation of a sustainable world. His focus is on developing a framework for a localized green economy based on trans-disciplinary collaboration.  He believes in development of incentives for human behavioural change  is key to addressing  climate change. In his  free time he enjoys bouldering, tennis and chess.

Currently based in India , working on climate change projects remotely for a client in Europe. Look forward to connect on LinkedIn.